Five Minute Friday: Messenger


They come to me in many ways. Today it was the thunder, rumbling, then crackling, calling me off of my computer, outside, and upstairs for a view of the impending storm that never came. But it stopped me in my tracks, it made me look, and sit, and write and wonder. Sometimes it’s the birds- a flash of bright colors- rushing by me into a nearby tree. I turn my head, I look up, I notice more, I start to hear the chirps and various songs of other birds. Other times it might be a child, smiling at me, giggling, catching my eye, turning it into a game. 


The messengers are different, but they all say something similar: Stop, notice, enjoy, let go of our seriousness, your preoccupation, your self consciousness. Learn to love and to live well, to see the glimpses of God in everything. 

The End.

I’m doing Five Minute Friday today, which means I wrote for 5 minutes straight without editing afterwards- just for the fun and practice of writing. The prompt today was “messenger.” 


About micalagh

I am a writer, a social worker, a therapist, a wife, a sister, a daughter, a soon-to-be mother...I am continually growing and learning in each of these roles. I am seeking to learn how to love others better and to enjoy the small things of life, to see God in everything and everyone around me.
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9 Responses to Five Minute Friday: Messenger

  1. Anita Ojeda says:

    I love the little messengers God continually sends! Especially the feathered ones ;). I always stop and look and listen and marvel.

  2. mescaleroteacher says:

    Yes! I need to stop and notice the beautiful messages that God has provided all around me. Thank you for such a great reminder. Your post put a smile on my face as I imagined what you what you were seeing and/or hearing. Thanks so much for sharing. Visiting from FMF. Blessings to you!

  3. ambercadenas says:

    Ah, yes, friend. I see now why my words resonated with you. We share similar messengers. I love how you let yourself be interrupted by them. And thunder , oh my! That is one I wish to hear more. Thank you for these lovely observations.

    • micalagh says:

      Yes, we do have similar messengers 🙂 I am constantly learning to let myself be interrupted by these messengers, and to listen to what they have to say. And yes, I do love thunder! Thanks for stopping by!

  4. jenpcv says:

    I love those moments. When I’m able to pause and just pay attention to the little things that sometimes have a big message.

  5. Pamela Parker says:

    Even thr rocks rejoice in their creation! Loved your post!!! He calls – sometimes in the most silent of ways.. Being attund to His gentle prodding is the calming balance of our time on earth. Thank you for your perceptively profound message. Today YOU are among my messengers…

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