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Questions to Ask Yourself Before you Travel

In many places around North America, it’s getting cold. It’s natural to dream about warm places as you bundle up in your winter clothes. So is planning a dream vacation to a tropical location, where you can lay on the … Continue reading

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Taking Steps to Protect Our Earth

I grew up in New Jersey, in a suburb of New York City, my house overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I have always considered myself a “city girl,” and I’m proud of it. At the same time, my parents did a … Continue reading

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Observations upon returning to the U.S. of A.

After being in Belize for a year, my husband and I recently returned to the U.S. for a trip back “home.” Here are some of my observations: 1. Everything is air-conditioned and freezing.  I have always had a low tolerance … Continue reading

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Why I (am trying to occasionally) wake early

In this rare season when my days are more flexible, and I can set my own schedule, I find myself sleeping in more than I’d like. I think my ideal sleep pattern would be bed at 11pm, waking up at … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Messenger

Messengers They come to me in many ways. Today it was the thunder, rumbling, then crackling, calling me off of my computer, outside, and upstairs for a view of the impending storm that never came. But it stopped me in … Continue reading

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Hammock Time

jSince I have come to Belize eight and a half months ago, I have begun to seriously appreciate hammocks. As they are a fixture at our campus, strategically placed in spots with beautiful views, it is even easier to appreciate … Continue reading

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It has been several months since I’ve written. I can justify by saying that I had moved to a foreign country and was going through a difficult time (which is true), that the internet was frustrating here (oh, it is), … Continue reading

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