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Taking Steps to Protect Our Earth

I grew up in New Jersey, in a suburb of New York City, my house overlooking the Manhattan skyline. I have always considered myself a “city girl,” and I’m proud of it. At the same time, my parents did a … Continue reading

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Why I (am trying to occasionally) wake early

In this rare season when my days are more flexible, and I can set my own schedule, I find myself sleeping in more than I’d like. I think my ideal sleep pattern would be bed at 11pm, waking up at … Continue reading

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Five Minute Friday: Messenger

Messengers They come to me in many ways. Today it was the thunder, rumbling, then crackling, calling me off of my computer, outside, and upstairs for a view of the impending storm that never came. But it stopped me in … Continue reading

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Advent in a tropical climate

I find that my body is attuned to seasons. After 29 years of fall, spring, winter, and summer, I expect each season to come, in that order. When one season is done, I am ready for the next one. I … Continue reading

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Yellow-throated Euphonias

And the yellow-throated euphonias outside the kitchen window- there were 4 of them hopping around and chowing down on the plant!

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Keel-billed Toucan

This is the one that was hanging outside of my office window, playfully waving its beak in the air and hopping from side to side. It made my day!

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Sunday services are just the beginning

Lately, I have been going to church a lot. Every day, in fact. Several times a day.  Not in the way you might think, though. I don’t actually mean I go into a church building, attend a church service, sing … Continue reading

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