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On Silence

It’s been quite a while since I’ve posted. Here is the beginning of a recent post I wrote for Circles of Faith: In a culture that likes to fill silences with noise – meaningful or not – we don’t think … Continue reading

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Finding Balance

At the end of spring semester, once students and staff left and Josh and I had time to step back a bit, I recognized that I was very out of balance. It had been a crazy semester for many reasons, … Continue reading

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In Between

It’s Saturday, the in-between day. The one after Good Friday, but before the celebration of Easter Sunday can be fully realized. It is a day of waiting, hoping, contemplating. Our community observed this day by setting aside a room designated … Continue reading

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Hammock Time

jSince I have come to Belize eight and a half months ago, I have begun to seriously appreciate hammocks. As they are a fixture at our campus, strategically placed in spots with beautiful views, it is even easier to appreciate … Continue reading

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An Answered Prayer

I’ll be honest. I sometimes doubt whether prayer “works” or not. I’ve heard some people say that prayer is really just for our own benefit, changing and transforming us. I think that’s true. And yet, I do believe that there … Continue reading

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Sacred Places

I have been trying to find my “sacred spot” in my new home. Yes, I know that God is everywhere; I know that there is not one specific spot where I can find God. But in my life, I have … Continue reading

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Mandala Musings

Continuing to reflect on my Lenten practices… In recent years, I have begun to not only give up something, but also add a practice during Lent. This year, I took on the practice of creating a daily mandala. I was … Continue reading

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